RPET – New material, new trend 


Nowadays, people prefer eco- friendly material. When it comes to Packaking Industry, RPET (Recycled PET) is the good choice in manufacturing bags. Catching up the trend of the World, Kim Duc starts to manufacture a new product: RPET bags and we are getting first orders. Due to its’ friendly feature, RPET bags becomes a favorite material in Europe market and soon in the global market.

RPET excels when it comes to sustainability. This product can be completely recycled. Amongst the wide range of packaging materials recycled, RPET certainly stands out in the area of sustainability. The fact that RPET is 100% recyclable makes it the ideal sustainable packaging choice for your business.


-The product is completely recyclable

-RPET has a lower carbon footprint than virgin PET

-PET (including RPET) is lightweight compared to other packaging, for example it is up to 85% lighter than glass. This helps cut transportation costs, in-turn lowering CO2 emissions

-Recycled PET bottles are shatterproof, providing safety and hygience in the logistical chain, retail environments and the home

-Recycled PET is absolutely safe to be used in food and beverage packaging

-It converts post consumer waste into a valuable resource

-RPET can replace all or a proportion of virgin polymer in new packaging products

-The product helps businesses and organisations deliver on corporate sustainability goals

-Many major brands worldwide are committed to using recycled PET to reduce the carbon footprint of their drink products. Some of these include Coca-Cola, Nestle Waters, PepsiCo, Danone and many more.

These brands are setting the standard, for a future where recycled PET is routinely included in drinks packaging

You can take a look at below evidence for this:

According to Plastic News, “Coca-Cola’s European operations to double recycled PET use in UK by 2020″

Research paper about outstanding features of RPET