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Waste2Wear and Kim Duc on BBC Fashion Redressed

28th June 2023, Copenhagen: Waste2Wear, the frontrunner in recycling plastic into textiles, has been specially selected by the BBC TV with manufacturing partners Kim Duc to feature in a documentary series entitled ‘Fashion Redressed’. Chosen specifically for their groundbreaking work in traceable and transparent recycling of waste plastic into fabrics, the documentary will feature positive innovations within the industry including the Waste2Wear blockchain technology. It will also highlight solutions for reducing the environmental impact, promoting a circular economy, and supporting fair labor.The BBC Fashion Redressed series was announced today at the Global Fashion Summit in Copenhagen where Monique Maissan, CEO of Waste2Wear, will actively participate in a panel discussion on Circularity. Maissan and her Waste2Wear team have won several awards for innovation and sustainability for their recycled PET fabrics and recycled polypropylene (RPP) shopping bags, plus for their unique traceability services, blockchain and an RPET verification test, RA-3. Maissan will also feature in the Boston Summit later in October. These events, in conjunction with the BBC documentary series will further highlight the significance of sustainable fashion.


Ms. Le Thi Hien Luong, General Director of Kim Duc said: “We are impressed with the Waste2Wear recycling method and had to be part of it. Together we are producing a wide range of RPP and RPET bags. Monique Maissan is a trailblazer in this industry and as another female leader in a heavily male dominated industry, we are kindred spirits. Now we have the same mission, to reduce plastic waste through recycling.”

Waste2Wear has a unique method of turning the hard polypropylene parts of used domestic appliances such as fridges and washing machines plus used take-away food containers and turning them into recycled shopping bags. This process of recycling is complex and involves several steps which no other company is prepared to do. It is estimated that of all the polypropylene produced across the globe that only 1% is recycled. Waste2Wear and Kim Duc are working together to improve this statistic

Maissan said: “I am truly honored that Waste2Wear will feature in this significant BBC series. Even though we’ve been recycling plastics into fabrics since 2007, there is a lack of public knowledge about the scope of the process. I am excited to share what we do with the world and to help people identify and avoid fake recycled fabrics. My life’s passion is to make an impact in reducing plastic waste and I am so proud of what we achieve together with my team and with our partners, Kim Duc.”

For more information about Waste2Wear contact: info@waste2wear.com and check out www.waste2wear.com

For more information about Kim Duc contact: info@kimduc.com and check out www.kimduc.com