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Canola Harvest brand products are made with Canadian canola oil. Canola oil is primarily grown in the prairies of Western Canada. Canola oil, with its healthier nutrition profile, neutral flavour profile, high-stability and higher smoke point is an excellent choice for frying applications.

Perfect Purity is an American private lable for personal care product. Made in USA, Perfect Purity was developed, manufactured in hundreds of unique product formulations to many international markets.

DELON – the leading personal care and cosmetic manufacturer in Canada, was established in 1942 in Montreal, Quebec. With over 70 years of experience in manufacturing and manufacturing in the Health & Beauty industry, DELON owns more than 10,000 formulations and distributes products to more than 72 countries & regions. DELON offers a comprehensive range of eco-friendly organic care products. DELON’s manufacturing plant is accredited by Health Canada, a certification even stronger than the US FDA and all other ISO standards.

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